Is Recycling Worth It?

Depending on where you look, you can find sources calling recycling either an important avenue towards sustainability or a useless band-aid for a much bigger problem. With the recycling industry currently adapting to international changes, doubts about whether items put in recycling bins actually end up being repurposed, and the fact that recycling still has… Continue reading Is Recycling Worth It?

Why Aren’t There National Recycling Guidelines?

If you’ve ever seen a recycling bin in Seattle, or seen the wide array of recycling bins in places like the SeaTac Airport, you’ll notice something right away: not every place recycles the same things. In King County it seems as if almost everything can be recycled, yet in Spokane County, our list of recyclables… Continue reading Why Aren’t There National Recycling Guidelines?

Help Us Prevent Lithium Battery Fires

See the City of Spokane's lithium ion battery video here: The only way to prevent lithium battery fires is to manage your batteries properly. They’re in our smartphones, laptops and wrist watches. They also power our weed eaters and power drills. Lithium batteries are in many everyday items because they provide more energy than other types… Continue reading Help Us Prevent Lithium Battery Fires